Cell Phone Girl Sticker

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Cell Phone Girl Sticker
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Hello, like oh my gosh my Dad keeps telling me to get off the phone and Im just like "no Dad" Im just talking to my BFF about an important issue. Oh, hold on my other line is ringing... Oh how weird its Inbloom Stickers and they were wondering if we knew that Inbloom Stickers were made from vinyl & are waterproof? Like I care if they are or not. Steffy and Brian might be breaking up? Everyone please dont talk to me right now... Isn't this the perfect Cell Phone Girl Talking Sticker for you? We thought so too! 

Note: The “Size” dimensions of each sticker refers to the paper backing it is made on. The actual sticker size varies for each character to make them look proportionate when placed together. Dad’s are the tallest and the kids and pets are the smallest. If you have kids that are larger than the parents, we are very sorry about that. :-) 

Made in the USA of course

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