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A die is a small polyhedral object, usually cubic, used for generating random numbers or other symbols. This makes dice suitable as gambling devices, especially for craps, or for use in non-gambling tabletop games. Whatever…Dice are cool and this sticker will look bitchen where ever you decide to put it. So don’t “crap” out and roll the dice on this one. To purchase, just choose the color and quantity you desire, click on the add to cart button and pay. Then we will ship your killer dice sticker to you right away. It is that easy. This sticker is a for sure bet! Hot tip: Although black stickers look cool, if you plan on putting a black vinyl sticker on a car window, it often seems to disappear or get lost. Most windows have some sort of tint on them and black stickers don’t stand out very well. Try white if you want to play it safe or any other color we offer to be a little more bold.

Made in the USA 

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